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Out-of-school activities

 2 to 5 years old !

Talentree offers bilingual Holiday Camp :


          ✓ Holiday Camp Autumn              24 to 28 october 2022

          ✓ Holiday Camp Winter              20 to 24 february 2023

          ✓ Holiday Camp Spring                 24 to 28 april 2023 and 2 to 5 may 2023

          ✓ Holiday Camp Summer               10 to 13 july 2023

The Holiday Camp are based on the same concept as the Montessori Bilingual Wednesday Club. 

These courses take place over a week, during the school holidays and follow a specific theme. 

Bilingualism remains the same, that is to say in bilingual immersion thanks to the pairs of francophone and anglophone facilitators.

The courses are open to children in TALENTREE and to the general public! 


Animation team

Administrative manager
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-09 at 15.02.02.jpeg
Early childhood educator
English-speaking facilitator
French-speaking animator



Bilingual montessori holiday camp 

Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5:30pm

2 to 5 years old


Registration fees (non registered child) :

50€ for the 1st inscription

Activities :

Montessori activities, games, collective workshops, music, arts, sports, vegetable garden, cultural visits

Organic caterer lunch included

Package all included :

350 € for the 5 week days

320 € for the 2nd week booked

Only during holidays

-5% for Talentree students

- 10% for the 2nd child

-15 % since the 3rd child

Payment method :

  • 50€ inscription fee for children not registered at TALENTREE, to be paid all in once, which includes the right to access the online parents space for the billing follow-up 

  • Annual participation fees for 10 months to be paid in 1, 3 or 10 times, by direct debit  or cheque.

  • Monthly participation fees for 10 months, to be paid by direct debit or cheque.

  • Unit participation fees to be paid by direct debit, cheque or cash. 

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