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The child is exposed to English language from 2 years old

One of Maria Montessori’s core values is that children can find their place in the world of tomorrow.

In TALENTREE, learning English is offered in immersion from the first year of Infant Community in the Children’s Community (pre-kindergarten or TPS) until the 6th.

From the age of two, children learn English as a second language, during their sensitive period of language, and are imbued with the culture that is transmitted to them.

The acquisition of spoken language takes place during childhood in such a way that a child learns the languages and all their subtleties of accentuation without making any effort, simply by listening and reproducing what is proposed to him.

As soon as they enter primary school, children work on self-directed learning files and manuals dedicated to prepare them for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (YLE).

The language is therefore studied in depth with exercises in grammar, vocabulary, writing and listening. From the age of 7, for children who wish, who are ready and whose level is sufficient, can be presented for examination by the school.

Children who have followed a bilingual educational path since their 2/3 years have a thorough knowledge of English at the end of primary/secondary school and enjoy an undeniable advantage before entering college.

Children arriving in our school and having never been exposed to a foreign language and/or English, will follow a personalized course adapted to their level.

Following the immersion and following their ability to learn the language, they will also be able to join the preparation of the exams of Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (YLE).


The Cambridge English Young Learners (CEYL) is a comprehensive language assessment program designed specifically for school-aged children, starting as early as the primary level. The assessment focuses on evaluating children's communication and literacy skills in a fun and engaging way, including speaking, reading, and writing.

Pre A1 Starters

A1 Movers 

A2 Flyers 

This program aims to make learning English easy and comfortable for children, helping them build confidence and prepare for future challenges. It also plays a crucial role in fostering our bilingual environments. To support children's everyday learning, our English team conducts mock examinations twice a year on our premises, simulating the conditions of the actual CEYL exam. These mock exams provide children with an understanding of their English proficiency level and help them to better coordinate their learning in the classroom, leading to increased success.
These mock exams are open to all eligible children, from the Children House to High School.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability.

Résultat du Cambridge test de notre école :

100% de réussite !

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