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Science club


Science Holidays 6-12 years old

Talentree offers to host your children during the first week of February holidays (from 21st to 25th February 2022), within the Science Club.

Organized with our partner Les savants fous, we provide the children with thematic workshops designed to develop interest, skills and knowledge in science.

These workshops are organized in order to favour direct manipulating by the children, which allows them to be more involved and curious in the activities. 


At the end of the workshop, children usually take their creations back home, in order to help them to keep going with the experience they just had even out of school. 

Liste des activités


Science club

from monday to friday

 10:30am to 4:30pm


Lunch is not included: LUNCH BOXES are to be provided by families

All included packages:

350€ per week

Only during holidays:

-5% for Talentree students 

- 10% from the 2nd child

-15 % from the 3rd child

Science Club 6-12 years old

Talentree offers in partnership with "Les Savants Fous" workshops that transform atmospheres into a living laboratory ! Children become scientists and learn by manipulating by themselves.

The programmes develop their problem-solving skills and contribute to the development of their self-confidence, by taking a positive look at learning.

They learn optimally when they are involved in exploration and investigation directly.

The workshops are also an opportunity to work as a team, to share ideas, for a natural learning. Professional practitioners build a climate of mutual respect and integrity while encouraging children to excel.

They allow direct observation thanks to the individual handling that is always privileged. Many experiences can be reproduced by children at home.

The workshops take place on Monday evening.

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