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Elementary welcomes children from 6 to 12 years old

"Apprends-moi à penser par moi-même"

The school offers 2 classes of 6-12 years old (from CP to 6ème) 

During this second step of development, going from 6 to 12 years old, the child experiences strong physical, psychological changes and develops intellectual curiosity. His needs from the previous period keep being the same, and more specific needs come up: 

  • need of personal life

  • need of dignity, being considered 

  • need of being respected and treated as a responsible individual 

  • need of being heard and being able to express freely  

  • need of being esteemed to learn self-esteem 

  • need of becoming responsible, to find out on his own the consequences of action 

Our pedagogy

The elementary Montessori program fulfills the main new caracteristic of this new period of the child's development: his inextinguible need to acquire knowledge. 
The institution follows carefully the program issued by the French Ministry of National Educational, adding a deep teaching of immersive English. 
At this time of his life, the child enters a period of high opening to intellectual learning. That is why the elementary academic program is more requiring. In elementary, the child's work is more social than academic. Led by his desire to belong to society, the older child needs an environment enabling social development.  
Classes are designed in order to promote group work within a non-competitive environment. Classes also provide the children with opportunities to create and evolve in their surrounding world with enthusiasm and responsibility. 


During this cycle, students are divided in two classes, mixing several academic levels (from CP to 6ème). Thus, the child is able to develop his eager to learn through more abstract notions with a very diverse and rich social surrounding.  


A calm athmosphere rules in both classes in order to guarantee a strong focus. The educators were trained in Montessori either in France or abroad and always make sure the child's need of learning is fulfilled.

Mathematics and French

The child has a work plan for the year with a progression established by the week. He advances in this plan at his own pace and is responsible for its follow-up. Compliance with this work plan is a minimum required, the child can of course go faster. If the one-year work plan is completed during the year, the child has the opportunity to start the next year’s work plan.

The student works on files used in the National Education to which are added cards made by the School. The new concepts are approached with the concrete material produced by Maria Montessori so that the notion is always understood.


As soon as the child is able to read, he can attend the history classes that take place one hour a week.

The geography, Earth sciences 

The program followed is the Montessori program and is done individually, all the necessary equipment being available to the child in the classroom environment. The garden on the roof terrace of the school is a beautiful space to experience the life cycles of a garden.

The music

Music classes will be held every week with a specialized teacher.


Physical education classes will be held in the gym or in the school yard and in the surrounding green spaces in small groups once or twice a week.

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